"...One band that I've granted the title "Best Metal Band You've Never Heard Of" to is Guthook. If you call yourself a Metal fan you absolutely MUST give these guys a listen and support them with your horns held high "
                                                                                  Black Angel Promotions

GUTHOOK hails from Southern Maryland playing melodic METAL which intelligently cuts through the boring flesh of the current rock scene.  Gathering the talent of the area, GUTHOOK pulls you into a harmonious trance, then rips out your soul with a sound that quenches your need for true musical satisfaction. When you're tired of hearing all the cookie-cutter crap on the airwaves, pull up this site for a show near you!

Tom Wieser: Vocals and Guitars   
John Mehlbaum: Lead Guitars and Vocals
Marcus Rifley: Drums and Percussion
David Hayden: Bass Guitars

Tom Wieser unleashes the Lead Lungs and Lurking Guitars to paint a sordid picture of life's wretchedness and betrayal. From emotion comes the conception. From anger comes the execution. From life comes the tragedy.

John Mehlbaum's Lead Guitar bestows sonic scorn utilizing calculated intent designed to caress and terrify your soul with haunting melody, swiftly delivering the blade and opening deep the squalid flesh, exposing your dying world.

Marcus Rifley on the Dead Skins smashes through the cold gates of the mundane, a primal scourge pounding your gut to drive the hook of reprisal. A dark heart will pulse fire and it will be known to sit at the right hand of power.

David Hayden on Bass Guitar fires off round after round of a vicious and violent low end assault . This ferocious attack on the senses builds to  crescendo then crashes down  dragging you into to the depths of the lowest register.